Textiles, Website design, textiles

A comprehensive UX strategy became the blueprint for redefining Mereton's digital interactions. Recognising the diverse needs of their users, we designed an intuitive website and introduced a bespoke tool for previewing textile patterns.

2022 - 2023
UI Design, UX Strategy, WordPress Development, Custom Development
Mereton Textiles

The pattern preview tool lets users visualise Mereton's textile designs in real-world contexts, from a cushion to a swimsuit. Through our design, we provide users the ability to better connect with the design patterns and possibilities.

Post-launch, our commitment to Mereton Textiles' success didn't wane. We've adopted a rigorous A/B testing approach, especially focusing on textual elements. By refining and iterating on our content choices, we are constantly aiming to elevate user engagement and, crucially, boost conversions.