UX, UI and health teams

Entrusted with shaping the comprehensive Health Teams platform, we immersed ourselves in the detailed requirements of 5 distinct user profiles, ultimately architecting 100+ screens tailored for various devices.


Multi-Platform SaaS Application Design

2021 - 2023
Research, User Journey Mapping, Complex Flowcharts, User Experience Design, UI Design
Health Teams
Our research and design details are largely confidential; what follows is a brief glimpse of our work.

Solving a complex problem

Through discussions with Aged Care Facility Managers, Nurses and Doctors, combined with secondary research, we discovered that healthcare systems have suffered from siloed communication, often leaving critical stakeholders like residents, the elderly, and their families out of the loop unless in-person doctor visits occurred. Nurses, vital links in the care chain, were left in the dark about medical directives or doctor insights unless they made explicit requests, causing delays and potential miscommunications. Moreover, doctors lacked continuous access to essential vitals, leading to duplicative efforts where both doctors and nurses performed the same tasks. Health Teams aims to bridge these gaps, ensuring seamless communication, involving all parties, and eliminating redundant tasks for improved patient care.

Once our problem was defined, the 5 user types were profiled and their journeys planned out, alongside a comprehensive flowchart that mapped the platform's vast ecosystem. The outcome was extensive, ensuring that every user, be it a doctor in a clinic or a senior at home, experiences the platform in an intuitive and purposeful way.

For Doctors, the focal point of the platform is the Telehealth screen. From clinical data, diagnostic reports, and real-time vitals like temperature and SPO2 levels, everything needed to be accessible at a glance.

Insights discovered during the wireframe testing process were abundant. Some such examples were that doctors need to be able to view all of the residents clinical data at the same time they're seeing the patient on the screen, so our original idea for an expandable drawer was scrapped and instead we focused on crafting a persistently open container with all of the information visible, all of the time.

Designing the Monitoring Setup screen within each resident's profile posed a unique challenge. This pivotal screen sets alert thresholds for streamlined patient monitoring, encompassing a matrix of options across every axis.

A central feature for Nurses is the Monitoring screen. Armed with their iPads, Nurses need to seamlessly move between residents, swiftly and easily capture vitals from linked devices, and instantly save the data to each resident's profile.

For Residents, a simplified interface was paramount, accommodating potential vision challenges and limited tech familiarity, while ensuring clear communication about ongoing processes and schedules.

This project remains a continuous journey in enhancing user experience. Collaborating closely with the team, we consistently refine the design and experience, now informed by real-world usage data.